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FAQ on Registration

  1. If I am an existing ePermit user for other Permit Issuance Agency (PIA) / Other Government Agencies (OGA) and would like to subscribe to ePCO, must I register again?
  • Yes, you have to register again. No registration fee is required. Only Annual Access Fee for ePCO will be charged. Please fill in a new Registration form. You can register online or download the form from our website –

    Below are the following steps to subscribe to ePCO:
    - Tick () ePCO under Product Information
    - Tick () the category of your business for example, if you are a Trader or Manufacturer.
    - Tick () the Billing plan you wish to subscribe for example, Standard Plan or eValue Plan.

    Fax/ Mail/ Courier the completed form with supporting documents to Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd, Attn. to CPM Department or fax to 03-2713 2991.

  1. Are there any registration fee involved?
  • Yes, RM200 registration fee for new DNT user.

  1. Who are allowed to be registered as ePCO user?
  • Traders and manufacturers who apply Cost Analysis (CA) and Preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) forms with MITI are allowed to register as ePCO user.


Item New DNT User Existing DNT User
Registration Fee - One time fee RM 200 for SME** sector
RM 500 for private sector
Module Access Fee - Yearly Fee RM 200 RM 200
Transaction Fee - Per approved transaction RM 5 RM 5

**6% government tax applies for transaction fee

All purchases include:

1 Admin ID 1 User ID

FREE Training for 2 pax/ company (Only for those who have not attended any ePCO training)

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ePCO Billing

ePCO offers 2 billing plans as to suite your transaction volume. If you transact low volume (Approximately less than 60 CA/ CO applications per year), go for eValue Plan. If otherwise, go for the Standard Plan.

Biling Plans Transaction Fee Additional Fee Annual Fee
Standard RM 5.00 - RM 200
eValue RM 5 RM 3 -

Already an ePCO user and would like to change to eValue Plan? Download the ePCO eValue Plan Form here.

If you’re a new user, select your preferred ePCO Billing Plan on your Registration Form.
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Online Billing

Interested to do Online Billing? Click here.
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Bill Payment Methods

Over the counter

  • Maybank
  • Alliance Bank

Internet Banking

Over the counter

  • CIMB BizChannel at
  • Alliance iBayar at

Self Service Terminal using Alliance Bank Biz-Express Card

Over the counter

  • Auto Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)
  • Cheque Express Machine (CES)

Contact * for more info on billing.

System Support

Our Customer Interaction Center – CARELINE operates 24/7 throughout the year. Contact:
Tel: 1 300 133 133 / 03 4819 4800
Fax: 03 2713 2990


Our Customer Interaction Center – CARELINE operates 24/7 throughout the year. Contact:

For ePCO training requests, click here.
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